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12 Ways to Boost Your Online Sales

12 Ways to Boost Your Online Sales

  Boosting online sales is the main aim of several businesses, medium and large alike, whatever job you operate be it a retail, a startup company or an e-commerce business, boosting sales via online mediums is similar to blowing a strike, it seems a lot basic than it really is.

Luckily, there exist several ways you can boost your online sales, several of which you can carry out straightway. Some of these hints focus on certain strategies you can carry out, while others are less specialized.

 By adding to that first sale with  succeeding sales, you can totally alter the manner at which your customers relate with you.

 It is very important to make as many first sales as you can, then strive towards improving your funnel so you can effectively sell to as many old and new customers as possible. In this post, we will be taking you through twelve strategies on how you can boost your online sales, it doesn’t matter if you sell physical goods or run a service based business, this twelve actionable strategies can help you boost online sales performance.

1) Be candid with your sales copy

To you, this might sound painfully glaring, but the fact that most sites draft checks that their product can’t cash is quite amazing. Honesty in your sales copy is not only important to the reputation of your business, it is also nurtures and encourages trust in your brand.  Don’t try to make claims you can’t verify, and shun the light use of hyperbole, the customers of today are quite hypersensitive to marketing BS, so be straightforward, honest, and approachable in all your sales copy, ranging from your email campaigns to your homepage.

This also applies to the manner in which you position yourself as a business. Have you ever encountered a site that is glaringly operated by one or two individuals, but features copy that will be suitable to a multinational enterprise company? This manner of approach doesn’t only make you look dumb, it also destroys the credibility of your brand. If you are a small company, be proud of that and be honest about it, several customers are turning to smaller business precisely due to the fact that they offer more personal and individualized service.

2)  Display customers trust signals and testimonials

In the social media environment of today, the feedback of customers has never been more crucial. Luckily, this denotes that your customers can help you with one of the most essential weapons in your arsenal, testimonials.

 Zillions of pleased customers are considered to be more influential than even the best-drafted sales copy, so ensure that you add thrilling reviews and testimonials from your diehard brand preachers gushing about how extra-ordinary you are. These might be in your landing pages, your product page, or even your home page.

 Also, the addition of trust signals can help boost online sales, because it creates more pleasing perception of your brand in the mind of your potential customers and can potentially triumph delays preemptively.

 If your business boasts of any professional accreditation whatsoever, display these trust signals at the front and center of your site. If you also own an impressive list of pleased customers, ensure that your prospects are aware of this.

3) Answer every question and address every objection in your copy page

Making assumptions about prospective customers’ knowledge of your product, market, or even service is one of the most risky pitfalls you can fall into when trying to make online sales. Several companies make the mistake of believing that their customers know more about what they are selling than they really do, which leads to unanswered objections or questions that are not looked at, both of which are capable of harming sales.

 Consider every question you can possibly think of concerning your product, and answer it in the best possible way on your product or copy pages. 

Likewise, be sure to think about every potential question or objection a prospect might have about your product or service, and preemptively tackle it in your copy page. To you, this might seem impracticable, but recall, you are not throwing unnecessary information at your prospects, you are simply providing them with what they need to make a better decision. This method is also a splendid exercise in penning down tight, lucid, and precise copy. Try keep the focus on the customer and how it helps them, not why you think your company is great.

4) Send out ‘wishlist on sale” emails

 Several e-commerce shoppers include products to a wishlist for later purchase. Also, most online shoppers are price conscious and they love discounts. So it makes total sense to inform subscribers when the items they have interest in goes on sale. 

 Also, you should contact them via email when the product they like is about to go out of stock to stir them up to purchase it.

5) Make give aways as often as possible

Free things excites people, and the often you make giveaways, the more favourably prospective customers are liable to sense you and your brand, which can lead to more online sales.

 Take a good look at your recent offering, are you capable of giving away anything for free? If you belong to the software business, it is quite easy to provide free, without obligation trials of your software. Even if you are not, you can simply give away trial memberships, samplers, two-for-one offers and any reward-based incentive you can think of. If you are an e-commerce entrepreneur, you can offer viral giveways to thrill your prospective customers. 

6) Make provisions for several payment options

Yeah, your business accepts credit cards. Have you considered Google wallet payments? Or wepay? What about Applepay? Stripe?

 Customers have more choice than ever before regarding how they actually pay for goods and services, and not all prefer the idea of using American Express. By making more payment options available, including newer services that are becoming very popular on mobile, you are making it easier for prospects to make payments. Of course, it can be hard to optimize your site to have these options, but by so doing, you are actually on the path to boost your online sales by a huge margin, particularly if your site has a strong mobile traffic.

7) Invest in topnotch product image

There is a beguiling indication that a well presented food actually taste much better than sloppy plated dishes. Given the importance of appearance to how individuals perceive things, it stands to reason that investing in topnotch product photography will have the same effect on visitors to your site.

Irrespective of what you put up on sale, add topnotch images of your products, no little thumbnails or low-quality shots taken in your stock room. Also, ensure you include an extensive array of images. It might seem unnecessary to add shots of your products from all angles but it is worth a trial. Individuals love to hit a product’s proverbial tires before purchasing, especially online.

8) Target lookalike audience on Facebook

 One of the best approach to boosting online sales is to make use of the data you have about your existing customers to locate individuals similar to them. With Facebook you can do this by targeting lookalike audiences.

 Lookalike audiences in Facebook are actually Facebook users who have similar behaviors and characteristics to customers in your database. You upload your data to Facebook, which then compare its own data to make matches based on your specified criteria. You can likewise utilise tracking data and pixels from app installations to assist you in creating lookalike audiences. There exist a splendid way to make the data on your existing customer be of great use to you, as it helps you to greatly expand your reach with little effort and utilize highly targeted ads to lure Facebook users who are quite identical to your existing customers.

9) Include an Opt-In pop-up offer to push them over the edge 

 If you are keen to boost sales in retail, do not eschew the potential of opt-in-offers prompt that motivates people to sign up for your mailing lists, newsletter, or loyalty programs. Utilizing opt-in-offers can not only greatly boost the amount of contacts in your database, it can also boost short-term online sales.

 Prospective customers who aren’t sure about buying from you may well be influenced by a properly placed opt-in-offer for, probably, free shipping, or 10% of their prime order. Even if they don’t make purchases at that time, but do register for your opt-in-offer, you have still included them to your database and they may decide to come back later to finish the sale.

When you decide to launch an opt-in-offer, ensure you test every element for max optimization. Test the phrasing of the copy, its appearance on your site, including the flow that visitors are directed via the process. A/B test diverse offers and select that which yields an enormous amount of sign-ups. Consider having the pop-up activated by a site exit so visitors can view it before they are about to exit the page. The more people register to your loyalty program or newsletter, the more potential sales you can achieve in the future. 

10) Enhance online sales with mobile optimization

The amount of online business with mediocrely designed, terribly optimized “mobile” sites is mind-blowing. 

Mobile search have already overshadowed desktop search by a large margin. If you prefer not to have sales on the table, it is important that your site is well optimized for mobile, and not solely from a technical view.

 Make it as comfortable as possible for mobile visitors to purchase whatever you have in stock. This may include an intensive repair of your checkout process, or the design amd launch of a completely disjointed mobile site. Amazon’s mobile site is a good example of how mobile e-commerce can be performed, but you do not require Amazon’s resources to make a beguiling, ergonomic experience for visitors on mobile.

Navigation, Including the experience of users, are a part of the most important elements of a properly designed, highly optimized mobile experience. The tougher it is for visitors to locate, and purchase what they need, the more likely they are to leave your site altogether and move their business elsewhere. Navigation should be logical and pages should load near-instantaneously. Don’t push for several information, only the little minimum you require to either make the sales or market to prospects afterwards. Give visitors the room to return to their carts even on a different device. Do not expect mobile visitors to transform in a lone session, because they almost certainly won’t, but they may do so later, if you make it comfortable for them to do so.

11) Utilize remarketing to close way more deals

Irrespective of if you are running a Facebook advertising campaign or a PPC campaign, any digital marketing initiative takes some time, effort, and money to achieve. If you aren’t making use of remarketing, you are actually banking on prospective customers converting pronto, which nearly never occurs.

It doesn’t matter if you are remarketing a certain time-sensitive offer or your content, remarketing is defensibly the only most efficient way to boost online sales. Not only does it keep your brand at the edge of your prospect’s mind, it also offers potential customers with several additional chances to convert. Provided the always-broken customer journey, which now normally takes place across a minimum of a day or two and lots of devices, remarketing also narrowly aligns with how the customers of today like to shop which is wherever and whenever they prefer.

12) Create a sense of urgency

For instance, if your sales page is an airplane, urgency is the fuel that launches it into the atmosphere.

By providing a deadline for your launch, promotion, or sale of your product, you can drive sales from individuals who usually stall to buy later.

Yes, people who wait eventually end up not buying at all. Rather than believing they will eventually come around, you should provide beguiling reasons for them to invest immediately. Urgency is how it is done.

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